CUSC Elections

by Ishan Chatterjee


Clark University has always maintained a firm belief in the ideals of a democracy. This belief manifested itself in the annual Student Council elections this past week.

It started out with the Student Council Debate which was held at the University Center. President Rian Watt, left no stone unturned in making sure that the whole student body knew who they were voting for, and as a result, the entire debate was streamed online.

Anyone who has walked around campus these last few days will have noticed that here at Clark, candidates have taken their campaigns rather seriously. Freud was clad in a multiplicity of t-shirts with varying slogans. There were posters on almost every notice board on campus. Facebook and Twitter went wild with new groups, status updates, event pages and millions of hashtags. Candidates sent out mass emails to explain their visions and promises (including the installation of an ice cream machine in Johnson-Sanford Center.) Study rooms in the residential halls became campaign offices where one would notice long meetings, late night planning, and a lot caffeine.

Most of the voting during the beginning of the week was supposed to be done using Clark’s online portal. However, a lot of students claimed to be facing road blocks. First-year, Lea Pertuy said that “No matter how much I try to log into L*IN*K, it says that I’m not eligible to vote”. First-Year Representative candidate Deylem Onursal personally approached Student Council about the matter. After talks with President Rian Watt and the Judiciary Committee, arrangements were made for students to physically vote for their candidates of choice at the University Center. The deadline for the votes was subsequently postponed.

It was a busy week with its fair share of ups and downs. However, by the end of it all, it really showed that we belong to a community where are voices are given due importance.

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